CO2 emissions: a disaster for the planet

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main greenhouse gas responsible for climate change. Every mile you ride equals to throwing about a cup of pure CO2 directly into the atmosphere. And unlike what one would think, even electric and hybrid vehicles emit carbon dioxyde when electricity is generated. Many websites now offer to calculate your carbon footprint to raise awareness on your personal impact on the climate.

CO2 emissions also are a major issue for businesses, because many regulations now compel them to control and reduce the carbon they emit through their manufacturing processes, business motor fleets, and even their staff’s commuting habits. Carbon taxes have also increased the price of fuel and business vehicles.

But we can take action to make things change. Some industries like air transport have already committed to offset their CO2 emissions. With WeNow, you can measure, reduce and offset your carbon emissions so you neutralize your driving impact on the climate. WeNow was the first French company to be nominated as one of the UN’s “Climate Neutral Now” champion companies!