You can cut your fuel consumption!

It’s entirely possible to use 5 to 15% less fuel by driving more smoothly. You just have to understand how it works and know the right “tricks.”

Our WeNowBox. measures the energy efficiency of your trip and analyzes your driving based on three criteria: acceleration, deceleration and how even your speed is. It then gives you targeted tips on how to cut your fuel bill.

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Track and
take control!

The WeNowBox lets you track every car trip and “see” the impact of your driving. Cutting your fuel consumption without spending more time on the road is a snap.

Acquiring new habits takes time and repetition. Being in a rush one day can send you back to your old habits and stall your progress. Consider WeNow your personal coach, helping you learn new driving habits for good and tracking the effects of doing so.

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Your co-driver, WeNow

Become aware

of what car trips cost, how much time you spend in your car, CO2 emissions and the amount of fuel you use. It’s the first step in improving.

Do Better

Analyze your strengths and areas for improvement on each and every trip. Get tailored advice with each trip. Eco-driving takes time: you can’t win them all. To help you stay motivated, WeNow coaches you via monthly emails.

Track your savings

The benefits to you are clearly displayed. Track your fuel savings over the course of a year, trip by trip, month by month.

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WeNow is a “Climate Neutral Now” champion company   |   An initiative of the United Nations