CO2 or Carbon

CO2 is a greenhouse gas. Although isn’t harmful to your health, it does harm nature. Carbon is stored in the atmosphere and forms a barrier that reflects the sun’s rays back to our planet. It’s the primary cause of global warming.

Unfortunately, carbon emissions continue to grow each year.

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Carbon offsets

The best way to reduce carbon in the atmosphere is to quit emitting it. But the fact is, doing so isn’t always simple or fast and time is running out for the planet. Luckily, there’s another solution.

CO2 is miscible in the air. That means carbon emissions can be neutralized by removing an equal amount of carbon gas anywhere else on the globe. Carbon offsetting funds projects that reduce CO2 amounts all over the world.


There are three types of project that offset CO2 emissions:

Projects that remove carbon from the air by planting trees that store CO2.

Projects that simply eliminate sources of CO2 emissions through developing new energies that will replace higher-carbon énergies.

Projects that reduce carbon emissions by improving energy efficiency (more efficient wood stoves).

A proven solution

Introduced in 1997 by the Kyoto Protocol, voluntary offsets allow any interested party to neutralize personal carbon emissions, without being legally required to do so. Standards were set to ensure that the funding provided actually gets used to take carbon out of the atmosphere. WeNow applies only the strictest standards.

Beyond CO2

Offset projects do much more than just remove carbon from the atmosphere.

A report of Imperial College London and the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA) recently calculated $664 in social, economic and environmental benefits for each ton of carbon removed.

«Unlocking the Hidden Value of Carbon Offsetting»

Your co-driver, WeNow

Offset in real time

The WeNowBox plug-in tracks your emissions in real time. WeNow takes care of neutralizing them for you. Use the app to picture the carbon being offset and stay up to date on the project picked to remove your carbon emissions.


Install the WeNowBox plug-in in your car and the app on your mobile phone. It really is that simple.

Choose your programm

You choose the program that appeals to you most when you sign up. Taking action is entirely up to you.

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