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Innovative carbon offset
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for the climate as of today

Reducing carbon missions is good. Reducing AND offsetting them is even better! With WeNow, you can offset your CO2 emissions by supporting compensation projects that meet the highest international standards, and plant trees locally close to your premises.

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  • WeNow is the only French solution recommended by the UN

    Because reducing AND offsetting CO2 is vital for the planet, we systematically combine reduction actions and awareness actions towards your employees to make them aware of their carbon footprint.

The solution’s assets

  • Low-cost
  • Compensation certificate issued
  • You can select the project
  • Both international and local actions
  • We include in our portfolio only projects that meet the highest international standards
  • Local tree-planting
How does it work?
  • Financial support for tree-planting projects
  • Financial support for certified compensation projects