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At WeNow, we bring together sustainability and savings by reducing expenses on fuel, trips’ carbon footprint, and by improving road safety. This answers concretely all three of your financial, social and environmental objectives, to make a real difference.

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  • Your corporate fleet can become carbon neutral, immediately

    WeNow’s connected device enables you to measure, reduce and offset CO2 emissions. Your fleet becomes carbon neutral, and the solution is self-funded by the fuel savings. Finally, a profitable CSR solution.

  • A tool for your mobility plan: train all employees to ecodrive

    We have designed a 100% digital ecodriving training tool that is low-cost and instantly scalable. Now that is an accessible training.

  • Reduce the accident rate

    Ecodriving leads to a 10 to 15% accident rate reduction. Thanks to WeNow, you can motivate the drivers to change their driving behaviour and reach concrete results.

  • Inspire an internal CSR community

    When employees are made aware of their impact on an individual level, they become committed in the professional sphere. WeNow offers a wide range of solutions: Individual carbon footprint calculation, tree-planting events…

  • Offset remaining emissions

    At WeNow, we have a firm conviction: one cannot wait to have reduced all CO2 emissions to start offsetting. We can guide you on the way towards carbon neutrality: calculating your company’s GHG emissions, designing an action plan with you to reduce your carbon footprint: it is up to you to become carbon neutral. Now.

The solutions we have designed for you:

  • Connected device

    Go for on board carbon neutrality

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  • Car fleet Energy transition

    A tailor-made action plan that suits your business

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  • Innovative carbon neutrality

    Taking action for the climate, now

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  • Digital ecodriving training

    Learning about ecodriving in a digital way

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  • Company GHG footprint

    Doing the climate math

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  • Individual carbon footprint

    An aware individual is a committed professional

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  • Tree-planting event

    Find out more about our tree-planting teambuilding activities!

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