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Do you think a company is much more than just a sum of talents? So do we. WeNow supports you in the implementation of a carbon neutrality initiative. By doing so, we go further than just reducing your company’s carbon footprint and fuel expenses. We help you make your employees motivated, on the long run.

Now that is the real topic.

Discover our solutions
  • Take action on your corporate fleet

    WeNow helps you train the drivers to reduce their fuel consumption, make them aware of their impact on the climate and other transportation modes.

  • Training in a fun and simple way

    Do your employees need a car to come to the office? You could train them all to ecodriving in a digital way. A low-cost, simple, and instantly scalable solution.

  • Cherish the pride of belonging and employer brand

    A powerful meaning and the willingness to take action are key drivers for employees; they are essential to recruit the best talents and gain their loyalty. Calculating employees’ individual carbon footprint, organizing tree-planting events: WeNow offers a wide range of services that will result in a community of committed employees you can rely on. The pride of acting for the climate becomes a powerful commitment trigger.

The solutions we have designed for you:

  • Connected device

    Go for on board carbon neutrality

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  • Digital ecodriving training

    Learning about ecodriving in a digital way

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  • Individual carbon footprint

    An aware individual is a committed professional

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  • Tree-planting event

    Find out more about our tree-planting teambuilding activities!

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