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We’re WeNow!

We’re a French greentech firm that’s helping businesses make a commitment to the climate, with positive, practical solutions that genuinely prompt companies to take action.

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Shift into Action mode with WeNow

We all know there’s an urgent need to decarbonize our energy, our mobility and our lifestyles. And more and more of us want to take action in support of the climate. But where do we start? How do we make a long-term commitment – particularly without getting depressed?
At WeNow, we design solutions that you can use to tackle every aspect of your transition to carbon neutrality. We help you measure your emissions, educate your workforce, and reduce and even offset your residual emissions.

Our missions

Make your path to “zero carbon” a successful one🚀

We help company leaders meet their carbon reduction targets at no cost to their business while boosting employee motivation.

Get everyone onboard 🤩

We help employees get a better understanding of climate issues and enthusiastically embrace new, more sustainable practices.

Share and promote your results 💪🏻

We help companies mobilise their teams behind carbon neutrality as part of a campaign that instils a sense of pride and commitment.

Not just action – enthusiastic action!

Our purpose at WeNow is to foster eagerness to act for the climate. That’s why we offer positive, appealing solutions that make people want to take action, right away, with no stress.
To design those solutions, we draw on gaming techniques and the tools of positive psychology. The result? Our solutions generate progress for your business, but also motivation, pride and joy (we mean it!) among your teams.


Our solutions for the climate

We offer solutions in three areas to help you start taking action and decarbonize your operations:

Sustainable mobility

To decarbonize your fleet, reduce your fuel consumption, change driving behaviour and rethink your mobility!

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Employee engagement

To bring your employees and partners onboard with your climate policy in a practical, effective way.

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Carbon assessment and offsetting

To help us achieve global carbon neutrality by funding ambitious reforestation and carbon capture projects (certified by France’s National Forest Office 🤩).

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WeNow: a committed company

Over our eight-year history, we have emerged as a leader in the field of climate action:

  • WeNow is the only French company in its industry to be recommended by the United Nations.
  • WeNow is the first company in the world to receive the Gold label from the U.N.’s climate program.
  • WeNow has been a mission-driven company under French law since 2021.
  • WeNow has been a certified B Corp company – the label awarded to responsible businesses – since 2018.

Three datapoints that tell who we are


employees have already benefited from WeNow’s guidance


of the teams we have counselled express positive satisfaction with our solutions and support.

400 000 

tonnes de CO2 évitées, réduites ou séquestrées