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Start spreading awareness and engagement
for the climate
with WeNow

We build learning experiences that truly motivate people to take action for the climate. Choose a topic that’s right for your business (responsible digital tech, sustainable mobility, plastic, water conservation, etc.) and enlist your employees – and even your suppliers and customers – on a climate adventure!

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★ More than 100 companies have already turned to WeNow to spread climate awareness and engagement among their teams

Start taking action with engaging, guilt-free experiences

Engaging e-learning modules

Via our ecodesigned platform or your (SCORM-compliant) LMS, we offer:
off-the-shelf training programmes
customised training programmes

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Experiential workshops

We offer custom-tailored events, with the keywords being:
goodhumoured, #expertise
and above all #action!

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Lively presentations

We have designed short, inspiring presentations designed to generate buy-in among your teams or customers on a specific topic.

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Why be an educator for climate action?

Gain more loyal employees and attract new ones

Your employees want to be part of climate action and align their personal and professional commitments. Reduce conscious quitting by giving them something to act on!

Reduce your CO2 emissions

Raising awareness is wonderful, but if people don’t know how they can act or they’re too anxious about the future, not much will change. Give everyone the means to truly act now, and measure the impact.

Be a climate leader

Be the company that tackles the issue head-on by offering your employees, as well as your suppliers and customers, the tools for taking concrete action in a wide variety of areas like responsible digital tech, sustainable mobility, plastics and more.

Training they value!

“The climate training really made things click.”

I got to know concepts that you hear about without really understanding them. I especially liked the tone they used and the simple, informative approach to the content: they don’t cast blame at all

General Manager France2023

“I learned an enormous amount”

The things I learned on the platform apply to every aspect of our personal and professional lives. The examples they offer are very concrete and easy to implement.

Marketing Manager2022

“It prompts you to act now!”

The WeNow training, with its quality, agenda-free content, conveys positive, practical solutions that genuinely prompt you to act now.

Environment and Partnerships Manager2023

Why are WeNow’s training courses so effective at motivation?

It’s difficult to enlist your colleagues in the fight against global warming. The climate outlook is very frightening. And the solutions that are generally offered seem either too small or far out of reach 😔…But there’s another way to tackle the problem, by developing learning experiences

  • that employees can identify with: we talk about being too warm in the office, not about the advantages and drawbacks of hydrogen cars.
  • that tackle the real problems: what other people will think, the constraints facing both big companies and small…
  • that really make you think: when we give a quiz, our goal isn’t to make you remember the date of the last ice age! We ask concrete questions to make you stop and reflect.

Our magical ingredients at WeNow

Action-based training

We want learners to change something they do when they finish the course. Otherwise, what’s the good of giving them the training? All our courses aim to motivate students to take action.

Science-based training

Aude, our educational expert, has France’s top certification for instruction in physics. With her, there’s no fooling around with the content! All of our content is verified and sourced. If we have any doubts… it doesn’t go in.

They’re helping us move the world forward

They’re using our content to educate their employees or suppliers as part of their sustainable procurement policy, or to raise customer awareness by incorporating our content into their B2B or B2C services.
Explore and get inspired!

“Values aligned with our own at MACIF”

To motivate our member companies to act for the climate, we were looking for a partner that projects optimism and could share quality, agenda-free content. With their webinars and engagement platform, the teams from WeNow convey positive, practical solutions that genuinely prompt you to take action.

Jérôme WendlingEnvironment and Partnerships Manager, MACIF (insurance)

“The training was very well received!”

The team really enjoyed learning new ecodriving techniques in a short, punchy format.

Steve KEMFANGQuality-Environment Manager, Fougerolle Ballot, a division of Eiffage GC Infra Linéaires (civil engineering)

Some of our experts

Valérie Mas

Co-founder and co-director

With training in positive psychology from the Positran consultancy, I’m keenly interested in the psychological forces that determine whether we change our behaviour.

Aude Caussarieu

Manager, Programmes and Pedagogical Innovation

I’m the person at WeNow who brainstorms, invents and builds all our content. With a Ph.D in physics and specialised training in didactics – the science of learning – I’m passionate about helping people gain understanding and use what they learn to take action.

Richard Seltrecht

Lead iOS and Android Software Manager

I love challenges, especially technical challenges. And with the combined creativity of Valérie and Aude, that’s exactly what I get! Behind WeNow’s ecodesigned platform, I manage the code and try to respond to all the ideas from the content team.