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All together for the climate!

Here at WeNow, all of us are different. Collectively we boast a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and careers that truly complement each other. So what brings us together? Two things: A desire to speed the transition in concrete ways. And our shared love of laughing and everything that makes life more positive!

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Image décorative.

A multi-skilled team

At WeNow, we’re climate magicians! But not like sorcerer’s apprentices! Our team includes experts in carbon, engineering, education, positive psychology and organisational change.
So needless to say, with that collection of gray matter, we’re inventing new methods and new pathways for helping you spark change at your organisation.
And thanks to the solid expertise of our team of designers and IT developers, all of our ideas – even the most far-fetched – become reality.

Consistently enthusiastic!

People join WeNow because of their convictions, and they stay because they’re having fun! It’s fun to build positive, motivational solutions; to act in alignment with our convictions; to generate positive transformation; to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


That enjoyment and enthusiasm for taking action are an integral part of the support we provide. Yes, we offer advice, tools, methodologies. We’re also intent on making this a rich, positive, inspirational experience for both you and us.

What we believe

Valérie Mas

Co-director and co-founder

I believe in the power to take action, create, and transform – a power rooted in joy and the positive.

Fabien Carimalo

Co-director and co-founder

I believe in human ingenuity and our collective ability to change the world.

Cédric Lebreton

Sales Director

I believe in the ripple effect and our ability to inspire others by the way we act and behave.

Aude Caussarieu

Manager, Programmes and Pedagogical Innovation

I believe in every person’s ability to learn and make progress.

Aymeric Clery

Carbon and energy expert

I believe in the power of collective action to tackle challenges as big as climate change.

Diane Debieuvre

Business Developer

I believe in each person’s capacity to make things happen around them.

Sébastien Gaudy

Business Developer

I believe effort always pays off over time.

Richard Seltrecht

Lead IOS and Android Software Engineer and IoT manager

I believe in our resilience and ability to bounce back.

Piotr Grzegorzewski

Lead developer / Architect 

I believe positive energy is contagious.

Mathilde Albert

Project Manager

I believe smiles and kindness have the power to break down barriers and inspire people to take action.

Adam Doudaev

PHP Developer

I believe we all have more resources within us than we realise.

Adeline Pape

Product Owner & Data Engineer

I believe in the power of little things: any action, no matter how small, is useful.