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Carbon assessment and offsetting

We boast expertise in carbon assessments and carbon offsetting to help companies shrink their environmental impact. We collect precise data on greenhouse-gas (GHG) emissions and develop action plans for emissions reduction. We work with certified programmes to ensure GHG emissions are offset effectively.

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A carbon assessment to spark action

Would you like to calculate your carbon footprint? We can assist you in conducting a carbon assessment that drives engagement, helping your company or business navigate the carbon transition. Our caring, attentive and enthusiastic experts offer you their guidance in prioritising the data to collect, ensuring the reliability of the data over time and defining customised action plans. That step-by-step support makes the difference, as our experts explain, engage and collaborate with your partners to implement identified carbon reduction measures effectively.

Carbon offsetting

Your company’s operations have, and will continue to have, a carbon impact.
Are you looking to offset your residual emissions and work towards global carbon neutrality at once, to meet your stakeholders’ current and future expectations?
Wielding a decade of experience in this area, we can help you define a carbon budget that’s tailored to your operations, so you can offset your emissions while funding high-quality projects. We source the most widely recognised certified projects worldwide on your behalf, and develop projects bearing the French government’s seal of approval to ensure you’re taking reliable, tangible action.

Carbon offsetting and biodiversity: what we offer

We are committed to offering the highest-calibre nature-based carbon offsetting.

Certified projects
France’s Label Bas-Carbone

We are exceptionally proud to be working with France’s National Forest Office (ONF) to develop forestry projects that meet the stringent requirements for France’s low-carbon label.

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Prize-winning nature-based projects from around the world that have received the top labels

The projects we offer win international awards for meeting extremely high standards in terms of their impact, the number of sustainability objectives they fulfil and the certifications they obtain.

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UN-certified projects coupled with biodiversity conservation projects in France

Working in close cooperation with teams from the UN, we also select the best renewable energy projects in the developing world. Those projects are coupled with biodiversity projects in France, in partnership with the country’s National Forest Office (ONF).

Our partners

Future regulations on climate action require that we be selective in terms of the quality of our prospective partners. At WeNow, we love working with rigorous, demanding experts on a long-term basis!

United Nations

We are very proud to be the first company in the world to receive the Gold label from the U.N.’s climate program.

French National Forest Office (ONF)

We know that when trees are planted with the ONF, they will be carefully maintained to ensure they last.
We take pride in our work over the past five years with the enthusiastic teams from the ONF.

They are making progress in the language of carbon along with us

Our customers are impressed by our carbon experts!
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“A long-term partnership”

WeNow is pioneering solutions for France’s carbon tax (contribution climat énergie), notably by developing projects that reliably qualify for France’s Low Carbon Label. We’re delighted to have forged a long-term partnership with WeNow to offset our emissions at Fraîcheur de Paris, which operates the district cooling system for the City of Paris. Pursuing the goal of carbon neutrality is a demanding process, and offsetting is the last step. Working with rigorous partners is essential for ensuring it’s a meaningful part of that process.

Emmanuelle Pacito Emmanuelle Pacitto, CSR

“They’re helping us define a carbon price”

We’ve known the WeNow team since the company was founded. Their commitment to climate action and their contribution to carbon neutrality worldwide is especially positive and inspiring. We appreciate their willingness to listen, and the fact that the projects they select are certified by the ONF and the UN. Thanks to our partnership with WeNow, all of us in the company have come to believe that we should set an above-market carbon price for offsetting our emissions. That way we can help expand this sector in a tangible, sustainable way by supporting the best projects, in line with our business.

Frédéric GarnierCSR Manager, ALD

Our experts

Fabien Carimalo

Co-founder and co-director

I develop our projects at WeNow that meet the requirements for France’s low-carbon label, and I select international offsetting projects for you that are both inspiring and effective.

Aymeric Cléry

Carbon and energy expert, trained in the ADEME methodology

I’m an avid engineer who’s committed to the battle against climate change. I’ve been trained in the carbon assessment and ACT (Assessing Low Carbon) methodologies developed by the French Agency for Energy Transition (ADEME), and in leading the Climate Fresk and a host of other workshops. I love discovering new businesses, and I love finding solutions too. I offer support for conducting your carbon assessments and I’m excited to answer all your questions.

Valérie Mas

Co-founder and co-director

I help you communicate without greenwashing.