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Experiential workshops that combine a friendly atmosphere, expertise and climate action

Learn how our unique, customised workshops make learning about the climate a lively, engaging experience. With WeNow, your team dives into action, becomes more knowledgeable and embarks on the climate adventure with enthusiasm and motivation.

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Test, experience, laugh, act: a vibrant climate experience

Motivating action by going beyond theory

Theory doesn’t prompt anyone to take action. That’s why we’ve designed playful workshops for conducting experiments, so we can break down certain fears and preconceptions.
Three examples:
✓ 19°C is too cold, I can’t work: We’ll explore the idea that temperature doesn’t necessarily mean hot or cold.
✓ Emptying my inbox takes too long and/or I’ll lose important email: We’ll conduct an experiment to show that it can be done in an hour.
✓ Switching to carbon-free mobility requires too much of an effort because I’m not ready: In just an hour, we’ll identify the ONE step you can take without having to change your life completely.

Making climate action fun

Taking action for the climate entails changing our practices. We have designed workshops that help us tackle these behaviours in a fun, entertaining way.
Here are three examples:

  • A 19°C workplace: We use thermal cameras, thermometers, water tanks and heating equipment to show anyone afraid of 19°C that, in fact, we’re completely unable to tell what the temperature is.
  • Mobility in 2050: With just a paper and pencil, we’ll guide students step by step to help them discover what they can do immediately to start decarbonising their mobility – and it doesn’t take an insurmountable effort.
  • An empty inbox: Our step-by-step method guides you through your email inbox so that, in just an hour, you’ll be proud to say you have an empty inbox and you truly want to keep it that way for a long time to come.

A friendly, good-humoured setting that’s conducive to dialogue

We believe in the strength of collective change. Our workshops are designed to let everyone speak out and share their thoughts.

  • A relaxed environment to encourage discussion
  • Collaborative activities to foster interaction and the sharing of ideas
  • A passionate, dedicated team to guide and lead the workshops

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