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Dynamic webinars and presentations for effectively raising climate awareness

Learn about our concise and motivational online presentations, designed to generate engagement among your employees and customers on specific environmental topics. Energise your efforts to raise awareness with our webinars and presentations!

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★ Twenty businesses have already embraced climate action by offering our webinars or presentations on climate to their teams or customers

WeNow webinars: invigorate your climate commitment!

Targeted webinars for specific action

Our webinars don’t simply cover a wide range of topics; they strive to address the specific concerns that are most relevant to your business and workforce.

  • Tailored to your industry: specific content for your business sector, to ensure maximum relevance.
  • Diverse topics: a wide range of subject matter to cover every aspect of climate change and environmental action.
  • Action-oriented: each webinar aims to suggest concrete actions that are applicable to your work.

Inspiring webinars to foster engagement

We believe learning should be fun and engaging. That’s why our webinars are designed to be dynamic and stimulating, promoting active participation and a deep-seated commitment.

  • An interactive format: lively sessions that encourage participation and interaction.
  • Passionate moderators: experts with a keen interest in their subject matter who know how to captivate their listeners.
  • Zero guilt: everyone feels encouraged; no one points fingers.

Expertise that guarantees quality content

All of our webinars and presentations are designed by experts, to ensure you receive accurate, up-to-the-minute information. We can lead sessions ourselves or train your employees to moderate sessions with train-the-trainer exercises.

  • Thoroughly sourced information: all the information has been verified.
  • An outline to get you started: if you choose the option of training your teams to lead our presentations, we spend time with them to put them at ease, and we provide them with detailed, timed documents they can use to conduct the session.

Webinars and presentations that get high marks!

“What energy!”

We got to know concepts that you hear about without really understanding them. We especially enjoyed the energy and enthusiasm of the WeNow team.


“It prompts you to act now!”

The WeNow teams, with their quality, agenda-free content, convey positive, practical solutions that genuinely prompt you to start taking action.

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