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Five Unique Ideas For Observing European Mobility Week 2023 And This Year’s Theme, “Save Energy”, At Your Company

1 August 2023 - par Valérie Mas

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Mobility Week is fast approaching. This year, like every year, it will be held in September.
It’s a fantastic opportunity for companies to promote sustainable mobility practices and educate their employees about the importance of saving energy.
But how do you make your umpteenth mobility week seem new and different?
In this article, we’ll suggest five ways you can organise the event around this year’s topic, “Save Energy”.

Idea #1 – An energy quiz

Host a quiz show-type event in your company on the subject of energy. For example, you could invite your employees to sign up for one of the preliminary events, to be held between noon and 2:00 pm, then hold a championship round for the winners of the earlier sessions at the end of the week. It’s sure to generate enthusiasm and a great atmosphere.

💡 Are you interested in this idea? Contact Cedric, Diane or Sébastien to get the quiz kit.

Idea #2 – Electric vehicle info session

Hold an info session on electric vehicles and the benefits of driving one. Invite a few industry experts to talk about the latest innovations in EVs and answer questions from your staff. Offer EV demonstrations that give participants a chance to learn how they operate.

💡 Are you interested in this idea? Contact some local EV dealers to see if they can bring a few electric vehicles to your site for an info day.

Idea #3 – Ecodriving workshop or contest

Host ecodriving workshops during the lunch break, so your employees can learn about the most important ecodriving practices and get a better understanding of their impact. These can be fun, participatory workshops.

💡 Are you interested in this idea? Contact Cedric, Diane or Sébastien to get a quote.

Idea #4 – Bicycling event

Organizing a Bicycling Day event at your company that includes an expert in bike repair or a local cyclist organisation, and invite companies that sell bicycle accessories (fun safety jackets, practical equipment that looks good, etc.). Events like this attract employees who already travel by bike but can also generate interest among non-bike riders.

Take advantage of the event to organise demonstrations of e-bikes and talk about some of their benefits. You can also set up a safe bike path where participants can test electric bikes or self-service bikes.

💡 Are you interested in this idea? Contact your regional authority, which may offer leasing options for testing e-bikes (e.g., Veligo in Greater Paris). That way, if your employees want to test an e-bike for a little longer, they can!

Idea #5 – A documentary on sustainable mobility

Organise a showing of a documentary or short film on sustainable mobility during the lunch hour. Choose an informative, inspiring video that spotlights the issue of energy consumption in mobility and describes some concrete solutions. For example, you might select a documentary that describes successful initiatives in other companies or cities. After the screening, moderate a discussion to let employees share their thoughts and offer suggestions about programmes the company could implement. An event like this offers the opportunity for collective brainstorming and encourages employees to commit to more sustainable mobility.

💡 Are you interested in this idea? Virage vers le futur is one example of a video you could show. You can also invite a Shifter from your company to lead the discussion.
European Mobility Week is an ideal opportunity to raise employee awareness about mobility-related energy consumption and let employees test new transport options.
By promoting sustainable mobility, your company will curb its energy consumption and contribute to a healthier, more sustainable environment. Together we can make the difference for our planet’s future.

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