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Connected solution
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WeNow is a connected solution that enables anyone to reduce and offset CO2 emissions from their cars, starting today.


Each person can take action for the climate behind their wheel.

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  • Measure

    Thanks to a connected dongle (by default, the dongle does not geotrack the vehicle) WeNow calculates fuel waste, fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Easy to install.


  • Reduce

    WeNow uses several levers to significantly and durably lower fuel consumption: tailor-made ecodriving coaching for each driver, gamification to motivate them on the long term, analysis of each vehicle’s use to adapt the car policy strategy.

  • Offset

    Remaining CO2 emissions are offset with compensation projects that meet the highest international standards. The projects are included in the price, and visible on the driver’s app.

The solution’s assets

  • Profitable as soon as you reach 5% fuel savings
  • Lower maintenance costs and accident rates
  • Carbon neutrality
  • Gamification
  • No geotracking
  • Anonymized data
How does it work?
  • Connected devices
  • An easy and quick installation by the driver himself
  • Tailor-made ecodriving coaching at the end of each trip
  • A weekly recap sent by email during the first month, followed by a monthly recap as of the 2nd month
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Whether at your offices or in a conference call, request a demo from one of our experts so you can find out about our tools and your opportunities for action.

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