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Digital ecodriving training
A digital ecodriving training:
fun and accessible to anyone

Whether it is to commute of for business trips, your employees might use cars. How about teaching them (or reminding them of) ecodriving habits so that their trips are safer and more energy-efficient? This training is 100% digital, low-cost, and easy to roll out instantly. Finally, each employee can be trained, with no exceptions!

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The solution’s assets

  • Low-cost
  • Easy to roll out instantly – 100% digital
  • A fun introduction to ecodriving
  • A real training program with theoretical and practical take-aways
  • Tracking the participation rate and scores is possible
How does it work?
  • Available on a laptop or a smartphone
  • Requires around 45 minutes
  • The program is split into several modules
  • Each person can progress at their own pace: pausing between modules is possible
  • The program includes videos and quizzes to validate the learning