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How Did We Become A Leader In Ecodriving In Less Than A Decade?

2 August 2023 - par Valérie Mas

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At WeNow, we believe ecodriving is a new way of thinking about travel.
It’s a vision that has prompted us to design our tools differently.
And that’s how we’ve become a leader in ecodriving in just a few years.
Read on to find out more. 😉

Make ecodriving practical

For each journey you make in a recent Renault car, you’re awarded “leaves” based on your driving: the number of leaves you collect indicates how environmentally conscious you are as a driver.
It’s quite interesting, but it’s not very helpful. You know you’ve done “well” or “poorly”, but you don’t know what to change or how you can improve.
The “ecodriving scores” you can find on numerous apps are much the same: if your score is 5/10, you know you have to change something, but what? And how? 🤔

At WeNow, we are constantly looking for ways to tell people in concrete terms how they can start acting like ecodrivers.
For example: “Before starting to move, wait until you can see the wheels of the car in front of you”. That’s handy advice (you know what to do), and much more practical than simply saying “wait before you start moving”. OK, I’ll wait, but for how long?

Think of ecodriving as a behavioural change

Ecodriving is a set of techniques.
That’s simple.
They’re techniques for making your driving safer, more energy-efficient and more environmentally responsible.
But techniques aren’t everything.

Have you ever tried to replace the chain on your bike?
No matter how much you think you know about it, even with a tutorial in front of you… it’s still not so simple!

What we often forget is that ecodriving reflects human nature and psychology: you may know all the techniques but you may not know or understand how to apply them, or you may even forget them or not want to apply them.

Here at WeNow, we notice that every year our customers invariably start burning more fuel again in September. All we have to do is hold a contest to remind drivers about ecodriving, and voilà! consumption drops again. So ecodriving does involve certain practices, but it’s primarily a long-term campaign that needs to take human psychology into account.

Ecodriving that’s… responsible

At WeNow, we believe ecodriving is a true philosophy of mobility. It’s more than just techniques; it’s a new way of seeing the world and how we move around in it. Because ecodriving means asking yourself, every time you need to make a journey: Is this trip really necessary? Could I take a different form of transport? And then, if you decide to take your car, you’re confronted with questions at every moment: Is it appropriate to accelerate now? Will I be able to maintain my speed for a while or will I need to brake quickly?

Mobility is now a major factor in the climate change equation.
We think it’s essential that ecodriving and the ecodriving philosophy reach as many people as possible.
– That means companies must train all their employees in ecodriving, not just those who drive company vehicles. We developed the first fully online ecodriving training module for just that purpose.
– That means removing any barriers we may encounter: no geolocation, no data except what’s needed for coaching and improvement purposes.
– That also means educating everyone, even those who are switching to electric or hybrid vehicles. Because the fact is, it will be just as important to save energy as it is to save fuel.

To change the way we think about ecodriving, we have designed some genuinely novel resources:

And in less than a decade, we have trained tens of thousands of drivers and become the leader in ecodriving.

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